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KSE Stock Effluent Filters

KSE Stock Effluent Filters

As dairy effluent systems develop to better utilise nutrients and reduce environmental impact they are tending to be designed to apply much smaller amounts at greatly reduced application rates. A consequence of this is the use of relatively small nozzles to apply the effluent.

These nozzles have a tendency to block when they are supplied direct from a dirty source such as an effluent pond, causing poor system performance and frustration for the user.

The KSE Range has been developed to greatly reduce this problem and decrease system maintenance. It effectively stops potentially troublesome particles from entering the effluent system.
The KSE Range use a pair of internal backwashing jets that rotate to continuously blast the screen and nearby area to break up or wash particles off and away from the screen.

In comparison to a KSE self-cleaning intake screen, standard irrigation filtration systems are either high-maintenance, due to the dirty situation, or very expensive to install.




  • The KSE Range of screens is best suited to being installed in a second oxidation pond, or at a minimum on the side opposite the pond inlet in a first pond.
  • This range of screens is not recommended for sumps with relatively small volumes or situations that have large amounts of fibrous material.
  • The recommended pressure range for backwashing is 25-60m (40-90 psi).




  • The small screen holes filter water entering system significantly reducing the wear on the pump and system components, while also dramatically reducing the incidence of nozzle blockages.
  • By reducing one of the major causes of sprinkler based effluent system problems, i.e. blockage, the labour required to maintain the system is significantly reduced.
  • Stainless steel and thermoplastic components ensure rugged construction and long operational life.
  • Materials are mainly stainless steel or plastic, which prevents a corrosive situation with dissimilar metals.
  • KleenScreens are designed and manufactured in New Zealand for local and overseas conditions.
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